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A big hello from Lisa and Kerry Lafferty!  We live on a little six-acre farm tucked away on a wooded hillside in Clarkridge, Arkansas just north of Mountain Home Arkansas and just south of Gainesville, Missouri

Find my Training Tips and upcoming classes on the Dog Training link.

Farm dogs--Check the Stockdogs page for more information on upcoming litters.  We raise English and Australian Shepherds.  We want an all-around farm dog, the old-time farm collie type.  All of my dogs are bred to work and I am very serious about the all-around working dog on the small farm. 

Please click on the Farm link to see what's available and for sale!  We are having so much fun with our little place.  There's always something new.  Chickens, geese, quail, rabbits, just never know what you will find.

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